Wednesday, July 30, 2008

August 2008: The Pilot's Wife

The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve is our book for August.

Here is the snippet from

News of Jack Lyons's fatal crash sends his wife into shock and emotional numbness:
Kathryn wished she could manage a coma. Instead, it seemed that quite the opposite had happened:
She felt herself to be inside of a private weather system, one in which she was continuously tossed and buffeted by bits of news and information, sometimes chilled by thoughts of what lay immediately ahead, thawed by the kindness of others ... frequently drenched by memories that seemed to have no regard for circumstance or place, and then subjected to the nearly intolerable heat of reporters, photographers and curious on-lookers. It was a weather system with no logic, she had decided, no pattern, no progression, no form.
The situation becomes even more dire when the plane's black box is recovered, pinning responsibility for the crash on Jack. In an attempt to clear his name, Kathryn searches for any and all clues to the hours before the flight. Yet each discovery forces her to realize that she didn't know her husband of 16 years at all. Shreve's complex and highly convincing treatment of Kathryn's dilemma, coupled with intriguing minor characters and an expertly paced plot, makes The Pilot's Wife really take off.

Here is where you can buy the book on Amazon.
And here is where you can get the book on ebay.

Read the book and then come back here the week of August 25th to discuss!

See you then!


We got a few books for the list, thank you to the two of you who voted...not the turn-out I was hoping for, but ah well.
I put the three books mentioned (see comment below on the fourth book) in a bowl and pulled them out in random order. So here we are:

August: The Pilot's Wife
September: My Sister's Keeper
October: Lust for Life

Someone nominated Breaking Dawn, but I don't know if you need to read the other books first (Twilight, etc) and since the comment was anonymous I couldn't ask them. So if that comment was yours, could you please let us know? Or if you didn't leave the comment but just know the answer, could you let us know as well?

Ok, so now you know our schedule for the next three months so you can get ahold of copies of the books and start reading!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Testing 1, 2, 3...anyone hear me??

Ok, I am going to open up voting we've had a couple months off we can try to get back on track.  Here's how you do it - for those of you who are new or who may have forgotten ;) - all you do is leave a comment with the title/author (if you know him/her) of the book you'd like to read.   You can nominate more than one this time, and we'll get a list for the next few months so you can plan ahead! :)  I will 'tally' the totals on Saturday the 26th and post the next few month's selections (that is if I get nominations...hint, hint) on Sunday or Monday. 

Ok, all you blogstalkers...VOTE!!